Blue Kentucky Girl video from Sara Hershkowitz

Sara Hershkowitz

Back in December, we had a very popular story about Sara Hershkowitz, a touring opera singer from California who had grown up listening to bluegrass. Part of the reason her story resonated with so many people was that it included her rise to success, being stranded in France when the pandemic shutdowns hits, and how she found true love through her interest in bluegrass.

Her new man is Max Hoetzel, a bluegrass banjo and guitar player, and they have been using the medium of socially-distanced video to produce music while performances are restricted. Utilizing the talents of friends in Nashville and New York, Sara and Max have produced several high quality tracks of popular bluegrass and country songs.

Their latest is just out, a grassy take on Loretta Lynn’s classic Blue Kentucky Girl, with Max on banjo and guitar, Alex Hargreaves on fiddle, Myles Sloniker on bass, and Dominick Leslie on mandolin. Each recorded their contribution remotely, and stitched it all together into this attractive package.

At this point, Sara and Max are simply sharing these videos for free online. You can see them all on her Facebook page.

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