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Good News – Engelhardt Music Group (2021)


Yes! Here it is! The second Fast Track album. When the first self-titled album was released last year I was totally mesmerized and very anxious that we would have to wait a long time to hear more from this extraordinary band. But no! Lucky enough, Adam Engelhardt gave them the opportunity to produce their sophomore album right away. This is the all gospel album called “Good News” and that's what it is indeed.

For those who don't know: Fast Track was born out of David Parmley's live band. Which are Steve Day on fiddle, Dale Perry on banjo and Ron Spears on bass. Plus the addition of Duane Sparks playing the guitar and Jesse Brock on mandolin. With every band member providing vocals. This is especially great with harmony heavy gospel tunes such as the title track “Good News” or “Lord Lift Me Up” and “I'll Never Go Back”.

The musicianship of these gentlemen is also well known and speaks for itself in everything they do. And as if that wasn't enough they have even included an amazing version of “In The Sweet By And By”. It's all instrumental right up until the last chorus where the band shines forth with their harmony singing.

All in all this record musically defines the strong harmonies of this tremendous band and the individual vocal skills of each band member. My personal favorite is the track “Something Missing”. It embodies everything that Fast Track stands for: excellent drive, great song choices, powerful lead-vocals, stunning harmony arrangement in the chorus and of course outstanding musicianship.

These guys already moved me with the gospel song 'Come On Down' from their debut self-titled, bluegrass album. But with an entire gospel album they’ve really hit their stride. Ten tracks of high class and absolutely uplifting material. From a band that is so experienced, yet entirely fresh at the same time that you never get tired listening to them.

Reviewed by:
Severin Theinert for
Uncut Grass

July 2021


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