Severin Theinert was born in Stuttgart, Germany and grew up with four brothers.

Severin started singing as a child, influenced by the love for gospel music of his older brothers. At 10 years old he began he found and began his loyal following of Bob Dylan. That was when He first picked up the guitar. He started playing in bands when he was 13 and began writing original music just a year later. Though it was mainly rock music and European new-wave, through all the years, Theinert stuck close to Bob Dylan and American folk music. He also started collecting Dylan’s live-bootleg recordings.

Having a little success in the nineties with an Americana, folk-rock formation called “Coffee In Duluth“ with whom he was writing and arranging the songs and singing lead-vocals, Severin officially returned to folk and old-time music.

Severin recorded an album with old-time traditional tunes in 2002 called “Sugartown“ followed by another “Coffee In Duluth“ in 2003.

Soon after, Theinert stopped playing music with own bands for awhile and concentrated on listening and searching out traditional American old-time music.

Taking bluegrass music seriously first began when Severin’s best friend, a band mate, and multi-instrumentalist, started playing in a bluegrass band. His friend began sharing the music and records of modern bluegrass bands with Severin about 6 years ago, and he’s been hooked ever since. He has a large collection of CDs and has become a knowledgeable enthusiast of the music through private study.

Severin did eventually record another project, a “crossover sound” that was completed between 2015-2017, and titled “Backyard Kingdom“. 

Severin Theinert is thankful for the Bluegrass Community on Facebook who welcomed him in friendship and open-hearts. The very first encouraging contacts he says he made were David Carroll of Hammertowne, Roger Brown of the Borrowed Tyme Band, Stacey Wright, Carolina Blue and the Johnsons Bluegrass Band with Hannah and Lydia. And last but not least, Wilson Banjo Co. with Steve Wilson, Sarah Logan, and of course, Melanie Wilson of Wilson Pickins Promotions. By now, Theinert exclaims, he has too many Facebook friends related to bluegrass music to mention each and every one.

In “real“ life, Severin Theinert is a psychiatric nurse for more than thirty years and has worked and successfully formed teams in many hospitals. He is married, has four children and enjoys traveling and enjoying his favorite bluegrass music.